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Consulting Services

Expert Polymer & Chemical Industry Consulting

Ken Battle Services assists third parties whose clients need a polymer industry consultant or chemical industry consulting services. He works directly with company owners (corporations and entrepreneurs) to help with their manufacturing processes and new process developments. Contact him to set up an interview. You can send a short overview of your project or call to discuss the details. He'll solve your problem or speed your commercialization as well as keep your costs down.


The rate charged is specific to the size and duration of the project. You will receive a scope, list of deliverables, schedule and cost of services. The fee is typically a small fraction of the advantages provided by the service.

Initial Design To Final Completion

Ken Battle has the experience and knowledge to provide expert services that showcase his unique perspective from initial concept to final commercialization. He can size and specify the equipment you need for your project and advise you as needed along the way. He can also help you locate vendors who can supply the most suitable and economic equipment for the process.

Equipment Selection & Testing

Entrepreneurs with good ideas and limited technical skills need help in conceptualizing their projects, and so do some manufacturers who have been in business for a long time but are moving to a new product or process. Ken Battle has worked with Individual owners and large corporations, guiding the selection of equipment and testing, and then reviewing the results to determine the best option for for the project.

Collaborative Engineering

What makes Ken Battle Services different is how he assists clients on what to build and how to operate the plant. He can take on the whole project based on an agreed plant performance or work with a design team on a specific aspect of a larger plant. When the need arises, he collaborates with a highly experienced and knowledgeable chemist.

Ken Battle Offers:

  • Resolution of Tough Technical Problems
  • Design & Budgeting of Pilot Plants
  • Scale-Up To Commercialization
  • Proven Path To Rapid Commercialization
  • Conceptual Design & Preliminary Estimates, including:
    • Process Flow Diagrams
    • Sized and Priced Equipment List
    • Factored Estimate
  • Toll Manufacturer Searches
  • Unit Operations Testing
  • Project Scope Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Travel To All Locations
  • Frequent Collaboration With Outstanding Chemist
  • Introduction To Associates With Alternate Expertise

Pilot Plant Design & Operation:

  • Define Pilot Plant Objectives
  • Match Design To Objectives
  • Layout & Operation
  • Degree of Instrumentation
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Define Success Criteria
  • Select Scalable Equipment
  • Budget—Capital & Ongoing

Technology Evaluations:

  • Financial Evaluations
  • Front-End Capital Estimates
  • Anonymous Contacts To Third Parties
  • Determine State & Robustness of Technology
  • Independent & Objective Evaluations
  • Comparisons To Existing Technology
  • Process Technology Failure Analysis—What Went Wrong?

Polymer Plant Design:

  • Determine Best Balance of Unit Operations
  • Wide-View of Process Options
  • Innovative Approach To New Processes
  • Experience With Many Polymerization Media
  • Equipment & Vendor Selection
  • Knowledge of Many Products & Processes
  • Experience With Most Compounding Equipment
  • Experience With All Devolatilization Equipment

Partial Client List:

  • Arkema, Inc.
  • Avecia, Inc.
  • Cabot Corp.
  • Chemstress
  • CLEVIS Research GmbH
  • Coleman Research
  • Connetics
  • Emulsitone
  • Metabolic Explorer
  • Nexant
  • NFM
  • Orubur Integrated Technologies
  • Paragon
  • PDC Machines
  • Petrobras
  • Polymer Phases Inc.
  • PTC Value Recovery
  • Recarbon Corp.
  • Regent Group
  • Serge Imports LLC
  • SK Energy
  • Sugar Research Institute (Australia)
  • Teknor Apex
  • Total
  • Washington Group International
  • Warren Pump
  • ZDust
  • Zeon Chemical
  • David Kockler Consulting
  • Andra Ursata-artist/sculpter


  • AIChE
  • Mavens
  • ORC Expert Services
  • Professional Engineer, State of Texas (Inactive Status)
  • CECON Group
  • Chemical Consultants Network
  • Your Encore